Waste management is challenge to the world. It is the challenge for the every local administration . it is not the short time gain but long run project. To get sustainable solution there should be continuation effort and caretalingy. So Green Impact Foundation planned to work with govt departments, urban local bodies and communities.


  1. To give awareness about waste management
  2. To give knowledge about bifurcation of wet and dry waste.
  3. To reduce the waste generation.
  4. To form and strengthen Resident welfare Association.
  5. To set up plastic recycling centers
  6. To educate the community Zero Waste
  7. To give awareness to the students ,yiyth clubs ,and other stake holders
  8. To form Community Based organisation to manage local waste management activities.
  9. To develop skill to earn from waste
  10. To welfare schemes to paurakarmikas
  11. To organize exhibitions and workshops related to waste management and Environment.
  12. To publish journals on waste management.
  13. To obtain projects grants from local bodies, taluk, district pachayaths ,state and central government and other funding agencies



Shashidhar Madarkhandi

Plastic Recycling Consultant
Narendra Rai Derla

Dr. Narendra Rai Derla

Environment Advisor
Prashant L Devadiga

Prashant L Devadiga

Waste to Energy Consultant